The use of a LED lamp can save electricity back to the first half of the year


The age of soaring prices, could save the province in principle, there are a lot of reasons, let us put the traditional fluorescent lamp house, the replacement for the LED lamp can save electricity 60%. Maybe some people think that the LED lamp is more expensive, but it is durable, a withstand several traditional fluorescent tubes, at the same time, changing lamp maintenance expenditure.

Can you touch on traditional fluorescent tubes for several hours, you will find it with a certain temperature, and then touch the same bright LED lamp for a long time, it's much cooler. Thermal power consumption, power consumption and water heater as the truth. Personal experience has told you, the LED lamp power.

For a long time in daily operation of supermarkets, convenience stores, factories, or hospital, to save power, and save money, should use the LED lamp. The snow lighting calculation, about the use of half a year, investment in LED tube funds, has been saving spending back to this because.